Short Service Employee Info

sse short service employee sticker

One of the main goals for any company is to keep all of the personnel in the workplace or on a job site safe. This is why we all use a Short Service Employee ( SSE ) Program.

For Temporary workers and New Hires it is useful in limiting the number of Injuries and Illnesses due to inexperience or due to an unfamiliarity with the job sites and the duties required of them.

HSE Managers, Veteran Employees should always be able to identify a Short Service Employee. Most policies will state a Short Service Employee is any temporary worker or new hire that has less than a Year of Service. Some states allow an SSE to be anyone under 6 months of service. Mentors are usually placed with or around these SSE’s to ensure that they are doing their jobs safely and not unknowingly putting themselves or fellow employees at risk of injury or death.

The easiest way to identify a Short Service Employee is usually via a Hard Hat Sticker that is easily seen by others. Your HSE may have the SSE wear a bright colored hard hat as well. Most companies will use SSE Hard Hat Stickers as it is a cheaper alternative than purchasing new hard hats.

Here at we sell these SSE Hard Hat Stickers. You can buy them in colors to match your logo’s or simply buy a common color that is easily recognized. We also off Reflective SSE Hard Hat Stickers. While they may be more expensive than the normal SSE Hard Hat Stickers, they provide the extra benefit of being able to be seen in lower light conditions.

We sell SSE Hard Hat Stickers in quantities of 5 minimum. So you can easily buy a pack of 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100. We ship fast and they are made in the USA.

Is your company compliant?  Make sure your company and employees are safe.  Grab the needed Short Service Employee Stickers today.  We cost a lot less than a fine by OSHA or a lawsuit due to an injury on the construction site.  SSE Stickers are inexpensive and they help others recognize new employees and allow them to lend a hand or make them aware of unsafe actions.