Welcome to the new Short Service Employee site!

Posted by Cara Kiblin on

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the new Short Service Employee (SSE) web site, we hope you find the site a bit faster and a bit more streamlined!

Please take a look at the SSE stickers we have on the site, including the reflective stickers!  If you don't see a color or size combination that you would like, please send us an email at sales@shortserviceemployee.com and we would be happy to provide you a custom quote!

Remember, make sure your company is compliant and your employees are safe!  Grab the needed Short Service Employee Stickers today.  We cost a lot less than a fine by OSHA or a lawsuit due to an injury on the construction site.  SSE Stickers are inexpensive and they help others recognize new employees and allow them to lend a hand or make them aware of unsafe actions.

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